Once again, we see the prejudice of anti-immigration hardliners.

Liber ex Machina is exceedingly inflammatory about the immigration case of Jacques Orneuve, to the point of libel and beyond. The casual prejudice found in this piece is in fact so obnoxious that I don’t know where to begin, but clearly somebody has to slap this down before it goes any further, and I guess that it’s stuck being me.


Let’s look at the most offensive passage of LeM’s first:

So, let me get this straight. This shuffling member of the undead gets into this country illegally, carrying any number of deadly diseases (due to his rotting flesh), only making marginal contributions to society while working his black market labor jobs, and expects us to pay for his lavish, brain-eating lifestyle perpetually when he falls apart enough to not be of use anymore. Can you imagine the net negative he has had on the Miami-Dade area? How many people caught his gangrene? Or became one of the walking dead due to his unquenchable thirst for quivering flesh?

I just love the way that these vitalist hardliners casually ignore the differences in postmortem humanoids. Obviously, nobody mainstream is prepared to accept the idea that Romeros should be extended civil rights past their death dates.  However, Mr. Oneurve is clearly a Craven – which is to say, a Voudonista zombi, which everybody who is sufficiently acquainted with the standard literature knows do not eat human flesh, do not crave the brains of living humans, and who certainly do not transmit their condition via any sort of contact, whether violent or otherwise. Which is something that LeM knows very well.

I do concede that Oneurve is here illegally, but I find it enlightening that LeM refuses to argue the actual merits of this case – possibly because there are a number of potentially extenuating circumstances.  The postmortem humanoid has kept out of trouble, has paid into the system, is clearly subject to both political and religious prosecution if returned to his home country – people are aware that Cravens are considered property in most jurisdictions and legal codes, yes? – all of which might sway regular Americans.  So no, people like this blogger just start up with virulently vitalist propaganda and play off of natural worries about Romeros – who were, by the way, invariably native-born, when they were alive.  In fact, I think that this is really what’s going on here: Liber ex Machina is clearly infuriated that there are Cravens out there doing the jobs that Romeros won’t do, because they’d rather eat our brains.

Moe Lane

PS: All that being said, I of course support digging a Big Moat of Burning Gasoline along our southern border.

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