OK, this is kind of funny, if you’re a gamer.

There are apparently two R. Borgstroms in the gaming world: there’s Rebecca Borgstrom, who wrote Nobilis*…

…$150?  Excuse me while I get my copy out of the reach of children and into an inert nitrogen atmosphere.

…and then there’s Rolfe Borgstrom, who got mentioned in this article about gaming out Land of the Lost.  The main site (Transitive Property of Gaming) looks interesting, too.  As for the article… true enough, as far as it goes; but you should also try GURPS Dinosaurs & Cadillacs & Dinosaurs: there was also one involving an alien planet, dinosaurs, and cowboys, but the title has slipped my mind.

What? No, actually, I know plenty of women who game. My wife’s a GM, in fact. Why do you ask?

Moe Lane

*Which I personally feel would be just crying out for a d20 version, if only I had any morally justifiable reason to be that nihilistic and cruel.

5 thoughts on “OK, this is kind of funny, if you’re a gamer.”

  1. Mr. Borgstrom’s site looks very good. Nice find. I have to ask though, how can a diceless game be converted to d20?

    1. “…how can a diceless game be converted to d20?”

      Via the application of applied sadism.

      And yes, that Broncosaurus Rex was the name. 🙂

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