Phosphate madness comes to Wisconsin?

Like Lakeshore Laments, back in April I commented on the fairly obvious results of banning phosphates in Washington state (here and here): short version is, you end up with people driving out of state to get products that work and snarky conservatives pointing out to libertarians that elections have consequences.

Well, guess that we’ll have to do that again: only this time, it’ll involve people from Wisconsin.  Which this time includes Lakeshore Laments, whom I’m pretty sure does not need to be told the bit on consequences:

Assembly advances ban on dishwasher soap with phosphorus

Madison — Household dishwasher detergent that contains phosphorus would be banned Wisconsin, under a bill that is poised to pass the Assembly.

“Excess phosphorus leads to weed and algae growth that’s degrading the quality of our lakes and streams,” bill author Rep. Spencer Black (D-Madison) said Tuesday. “People don’t come to enjoy our lakes and rivers if they’re fouled with weeds and algae.”

Republicans used a procedural move Tuesday to block a final vote, which is expected to happen the next time the Assembly meets.

When you’re running your dishes through the dishwasher twice to get the gunk off them next year, Wisconsin citizens – or washing your dishes by hand because twice still doesn’t work and the unemployment rate’s still sufficiently worrisome to make you worry about spending too much money on electricity – please remember: 18/15 Democrat/Republican in the Senate, 52/46 D/R in the Assembly.  Also, that you have a gubernatorial election in November.  And that none of these people thought it was worth their while to simply improve the water treatment plants.

Just a thought.

Moe Lane

PS: The Wisconsin GOP would love to talk to you further on this issue, of course.

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