Climate Change and the White Man’s Burdening.

(H/T: On Park Street) To sum up this Reason article on developing nations and climate change despair:

The Chinese and the Indians have no intention of giving anything but lip service to the quaint religious beliefs of Western climate change fanatics. They have no incentive to, and a powerful incentive not to: they are poor, and they wish to stop being poor, and there is no way to do that and not industrialize. If the aforementioned religious fanatics wish to try to force an economic Crusade upon the Chinese or the Indians in response, it is not entirely obvious that it will not backfire in the fanatics’ collective face.

The White House knows this, but it actually is not very good at making people do things that they don’t want to do, so don’t count on them to bail the country out of this mess.

OK, I added a little at the end, there – but I think that it’s accurate enough.  Honestly, it’s the parochialism of the climate change theocrats that grates: the blythe assumption that all the non-white people out there are willing to indulge them in their attitudes must absolutely infuriate the developing world.  Goodness knows that it irritates me.

Moe Lane

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