My summary of ‘Crunch time for Obama.’

(Via Hot Air Headlines) In case you don’t have time to read Doug Schoen’s piece:

Despite my claim that the Republican Party does not have any policies or ideas, it is my opinion that the Obama administration should take a leaf from the Clinton administration – which I, Doug Schoen, saved – and rip off all the policies and ideas that I am required to pretend that the Republicans do not have, lest the Obama administration suffer the same fate in 2010 that the Clinton administration- which I, Doug Schoen, saved – faced in 1994.  Of course, should that happen, I am available to duplicate my magic – did I mention that I, Doug Schoen, saved the Clinton administration? – and since no Republican legislator is literate, we’ll be able to get away with it.

Third Way!  Which is to say, steal from Republicans and take the credit.

Really, it’s like some sort of demented resume cover letter.

Moe Lane

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