Getting in their faces – David Price’s (D, NC-04) town hall.

The assault (from last Thursday) disturbs me. The casual mockery by pro-health care rationing supporters towards a man (who I haven’t even fully confirmed was a health care rationing protester) who’s just gotten punched in the face disturbs me a whole lot more.  I don’t care what your stance is on this issue: your instinctive response to this sort of thing should not be to ask sarcastic questions about the victim’s health insurance.

Original video here News stories here and here. See also Gateway Pundit and Weasel Zippers.

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering why a D+8 district that includes the ‘People’s Republic of Chapel Hill‘ is so volatile, it may be because Rep Price was one of the Congressmen removed in 1994 (he got back in two years later, and has imitated a limpet ever since).  Which doesn’t even remotely justify the laughter.

PPS: Actually, I’d love to do more with video editing than WMM will let me do, too. Unfortunately, things like this cost money. Hence, my wish list.

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3 thoughts on “Getting in their faces – David Price’s (D, NC-04) town hall.”

  1. And what is sad is that Price can bank on the shady tactics of College Voter Fraud Campaigns to have people vote for him.

    I think you know by now how my co-bloggers over at DPUD/AoS and I feel, so I won’t go all Three Mile Island on your site.

  2. I wonder what type of heath insurance or benefits MTV provides? I realize it will forever be cool to stand up to your parents and oppose them as long as pop culture champions individuals over families populating communities and keeping them safe, but it does seem so odd to not hear a peep out of Diddy Puffy Baby Daddy or Real World drunks in gutters or Road Rulz suckers injured and treated in foreign hospitals?

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