It is not a good idea to insult old people. Seriously.

You’d think that I wouldn’t have to write that.

This is a pretty good article by Greg Gutfield on old people and the health care rationing meltdown (via Instapundit), but it’s the picture that I want to highlight.


As Greg notes, these are the people that have been the backbone of the protests against health care rationing – and I’ll note that it is not a good idea for the Democrats to keep calling them racist, un-American, fascist extremist dupes and fakers.

Because they vote.  A lot.

Moe Lane

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6 thoughts on “It is not a good idea to insult old people. Seriously.”

  1. eddiebear has a point, but at least old people are well-dressed. And down here in FL, I hope they also will vote against Crist in the primary, but Marco Rubio sounds too Hispanic I’m afraid & the Dems will be sure to nominate a monstosity, so Crist may be our next Sen.

  2. I have been a fan of the old people sense I was a kid. Now back then they were mostly survivors from world war I, but the world war II survivors took over in my young adult life, and unfortunately most of them are now gone also. I use to spend hours talking to them. I think this help me understand certain things about life from early on. Actually a lot of the seniors we are seeing at the town hall meetings, are the children of the world war II vets that were back home during the war or born right after. Our youngest WWII vets are now about 81 years old. I hit retirement age in about 13 more years, and know that then most of them will be gone, and I find that a sad thing to think about some days. I just hope I can fill them old shoes they leave behind.

  3. Maybe, that’s the general idea of Obama’s rationing aka “death panels”.

    To beg for your medical health services, all you need to do to send the rationing panel that “you are promising to vote for Democrat for next election”. Then wallah! Youre health benefits/medical services are secured to ensure that you’re still alive ’til you surrender your vote to the Ds.

    The D’s are really evil, and unfortunately, genius.

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