Proposing to your fiancee: Yes/No.

Working with Disneyland to create a music/dance number with a theme, rehearsals, and advance planning:


Using your position as a state legislator to acquire scarce city resources for your proposal – which includes the police threatening to make a false arrest of your fiancee:

Del. Jon S. Cardin found the woman of his dreams, and suddenly those three little words were on his lips: police-involved proposal.

The Baltimore County Democrat and girlfriend Megan Homer were aboard a friend’s boat in the Inner Harbor on Aug. 7 when on-duty city marine officers boarded the vessel. Pretending to search for contraband as a city police helicopter whirred overhead, the officers reportedly told Homer to turn around so they could handcuff her. When she did, there was Cardin down on one knee.


More here.  Jon Cardin is the nephew of Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), who is known for… well, he beat Michael Steele in 2006. Up to this point, Cardin seemed poised to follow in his uncle’s footsteps, but I think that he’s shown a certain flair here at using public facilities for his own personal gratification that should serve him well in the Maryland Democratic party.

It’s only funny if you don’t have to actually pay for antics like this.  Or the police investigation which will undoubtedly find a convenient scapegoat for Jon Cardin’s aristocratic pretensions.  Speaking as somebody who will get saddled with a portion of the bill for both, well…

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “Proposing to your fiancee: Yes/No.”

  1. I hope there is jail time for this. At the very least the guy ought to step out of public life because he has no respect for the concept that THIS IS NOT YOUR MONEY.

  2. Do note that, in the end, it IS his money, and his money alone. There is a note at the end of the Politico article that states that he will be reimbursing the police for “the costs” of this fracas. Still, it is left as if it was the sort of thing he didn’t even think about until after there was some sort of outcry over the event.

    Honestly, though… What kind of idiot would ever think of the police as being a necessary component to a marriage proposal?

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