Scenes from the Class Struggle at Whole Foods Market*.

Here, Matt Welch cheerfully talks about an enjoyable episode of assumptions-busting with regard to his recent visit to Whole Foods:

After making my purchase with more enthusiasm than usual, I was handed another flyer from some peppy UFCW gals, including the bold-italic question du jour: “Do you really want your shopping dollars going to executives who are undermining President Obama?” One of them asked me (quoting from memory), “Are you aware that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey recently wrote an op-ed attacking national health care?”

“Yes,” I replied with a smile. “I read the whole thing.” As I walked away one of the gals said, in genuine wonder and disappointment, “Wow….”

Of course, Matt was still pumped from seeing the very things from Mackey’s proposal that he would have highlighted being reproduced and disseminated by his political opponents. For free.  Still, the reaction by the union-affiliated ‘grassroots’ protesters was tasty enough, if you’ll pardon the pun, to almost make me go to a Whole Foods and buy something.

Almost.  WF serves up expensive products whose appeal is in areas that I mostly don’t care about, and while the handcrafted tomatoes are probably better than the mass-produced ones at my supermarket down the street that’s more than offset in my mind by the price differential.  Besides, by all accounts the boycott’s having even less effect than your typical Organizing for America health care ‘rally’ – I know, I know: is such a thing even possible?  Apparently…

Moe Lane

*Classical reference… what do they mean, it’s not available as an American DVD? Philistines.

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  1. Class struggle? Bullshit! I’m about as poor worker as you can get and I’m proud of Whole Foods stand for freedom. Christians surely highly object to Democrats’ attempt to sell their health care bill as Christianity. See “Jesus Christ answers Obama health care:”

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