Megan McArdle is off of my ‘Elections have consequences’ list.

That being the list that I have put together of Every Well-Meaning Obama Voter Who Really Should Have Known Better And Is Now Asking In Print Or Online, “What Happened?” – it’s a list that gets longer every day, but you can get off of it with an act of supreme awesomeness.

Here is Megan McArdle’s moment of supreme awesomeness.

Man, is Michelle Goldberg shifty-eyed when she gets her argument destroyed like that.

Via Instapundit, who enjoyed this about as much as I did. And as you will.

Moe Lane

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28 thoughts on “Megan McArdle is off of my ‘Elections have consequences’ list.”

  1. Dear Ms. Goldberg,

    That stinging sensation you are feeling? That is you being proven wrong. Get used to it. And I think an ice pack will help the swelling from your cluebatting go down.

  2. Frankly, I’m getting fed up with those people who praised Obama to the skies, told us to ignore his left-wing rhetoric during the campaign, and endorsed his election daily. NOW they are wringing their hands. Read Dershowitz’s blog, or Koch’s, or Marty Peretz:- “Obama is wrong on this, he’s wrong on that”…but they still believe that they were right.

  3. I can never get these bloggingheads things to load and I’m dying to know what was said. Is anyone aware of a transcript anywhere?

  4. Megan McArdle is off of my ‘Elections have consequences’ list…that I have put together of Every Well-Meaning Obama Voter Who Really Should Have Known Better And Is Now Asking In Print Or Online, “What Happened?” – it’s a list that gets longer every day, but you can get off of it with an act of supreme awesomeness.

    This implies that Megan McArdle was an Obama Voter. Is this true?

    1. Mike:

      Normally, this:
      …would actually disqualify her – or more accurately, put her on a worse list – but I always liked Megan enough not to give her grief on this topic. If you wish, you may read ‘Voter’ as including ‘Supporter,’ with my compliments. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the information. Having read a few of her articles (obviously, too few) and watched a few of her videos, I would have never guessed she’d ever support the election of Obama.

    Personally, I’d keep her on the list. Noticing, pointing out, and destroying a left-wing double-standard isn’t all that hard to do, though the cognitive dissonance is fun to watch.

  6. @Mike:

    Yes, she voted for Obama and supported him on occasion during the campaign. McArdle has been a pretty solid voice of consistency and reason, but she didn’t vote McCain.

    Everybody screws up sometime…

  7. spool32: Actually, she says she didn’t vote due to not being registered to vote, though given the examples Moe provided there is no question that had she voted, it would have been for Obama.

    Still, I wouldn’t take her off of the list, unless she expends at least as many column-inches retracting her support for Obama as she expended supporting him. The consequences certainly aren’t going away any time soon, so neither should her place on that list.

  8. I personally would give Ms McArdle some slack. She voted for B. Hussein Obama and thus did not vote for John McCain? Well, I didn’t vote for John McCain either.

    I voted for Sarah Palin. McCain disust(s/ed) me. Had the McCain campaign not chosen Sarah Palin, I was on my way to vote for B. Hussein Obama, as a form of protest vote.

    So there.

  9. Moe, I respectfully request you leave her on the list. Ms. McArdle, I think, is a wildly inconsistent journalist. How do I explain her spot-on flogging of that helpless girl in the vid? It was right before that time of month for Megan. A week or two from now, she’ll be supporting some wack liberal thang again. Sad, but predictable…

  10. …but I give you some slack, ZRegime. It’s probably right before that time of the month for you.

  11. In furtherance of Megan’s point, the guy who showed up at the Obama rally with a semi automatic rifle was a guy. One guy. There was no oupouring of hundreds of guys with semi automatic rifles showing up at rallies brandishing their weapons. And further, the MSM hawking their “right wing is racist for opposing Obama” mantra, had to engage in subterfuge and hide the race of the guy with the asssault rifle to prove their point in one of the sloppiest distortions around.

    But regardless contrast this one guy with the assault rifle with hundreds, nay thousands of Bush in effigies, Bush posters with bullet holes in the head Bush is the biggest terrorist, Kill Bush signs that you would see at any anti war/anti Bush rally. (Not to mention the kill Bush books, the assassination of Bush movies, the “I hate Bush” commentary from so called legitimate journalists).

    Or compare this with all the conspiracy theories about how Bush was in league with OBL and actually brought down the WTC. Remember the truthers? So, Michelle, perhaps isnt reading her left talking points very well, or she would se A WHOLE LOT of insane anti presidential violent rhetoric directed at the former president. In fact, there was a whole plethora of cottage industries direted around either demonizing the president or calling for his death or accusing him of destroying the country, hating people of color, being in league with the Saudis, bringing down the WTC. You name it.
    I think that Michelle, is such a lefty that such stuff was ubiquitous to her and not even worthy of consideration. Well of course the signs talked about offing Bush. Becauase he was Hitler. So therefore all that venom directed at him was eminently reasonable.

    Michelle, the entire lefts discourse for the past 8 years has been the equivalent of a million guys hanging around with assault rifles. I would say it was the most extreme case of derangement I’ve ever seen, and Im sure she’d argue it was speaking truth to power. But that’s why when Megan makes a basic point about her lack of awareness, she is caught so flat footed. Michelle is that guy with the assault rifle. She’s the extremist along with all the truthers and anti bush extremists who poisoned the discourse for 8 years. And now she’s suddenly worried about extremist language and violent rhetoric?

  12. The “Buyers Remorse” crowd who voted for Obama did so primarily for one reason: snobbery. McCain was old and stiff (literally, because of his torture and crash-landing injuries), and Sarah Palin — well — I guess they were mortified that we’d have an idiot for a Vice President . . . oh wait . . . .

    It’s an incredibly shallow thing, to paint oneselves as deep thinkers, and then to vote for an obviously radical neophyte just because he looks and sounds elegant and for his phaux eloquence.

  13. I’ve never heard of this Michelle Goldberg before, since the ‘Daily Beast’ is plainly a repository of RINO ninnies with nothing of value for my time. But regardless of what she actually says, she should never, ever do it on TV or radio. That voice is like nails on a chalk board.

  14. Her pretty little brain got quite the workout there…

    Fascism is certainly easy when not questioned on it, huh little Ms. Moron?

  15. With M Goldberg being a hard-core pro-choicer, I have a hard time taking her seriously when she claims to be apalled by someone potentially possibly maybe inciting violence by exercizing 2nd amndment rights. Let’s see – advocating policies/laws with questtionable constitutional basis that promote killing babies is fine, but exercizing clearly-constitutional rights that have harmed no one aren’t.

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