Obama hates the media and wants them all to die in a fire.

Failing that, he’ll just have Organizing for America use them as a fundraising foil.

Yes. Foil. Greg Sargent:

This has to be the Obama camp’s most direct and premeditated shot at the media yet: His outside political operation just blasted an email to supporters directly faulting the press for falling down on the job of debunking health care “lies.”

The email from Organizing for America, which was forwarded by a reader, is obviously not addressed to the media and explicitly focuses blames on the press for the traction that reform foes have gained. Hitting the media riles the base, and the email also asks for donations to fund OFA, because “stepping in where the media fails is a daunting challenge.”

(Copy of email here)

Glenn Reynolds (H/T) thinks this is the current administration running through the arc of the last administration’s second term at double speed: I think that it’s a natural result of the Democrats going out and finding a left-wing duplicate not of George W Bush, but of their flawed and partisan perception of George W Bush. The two views are probably not incompatible, of course. It’s also kind of funny to see Sargent’s self-consciously understated disapproval; reading between the lines, he’s as affronted as a cat being served kibble instead of tuna – but his own comments section is highly sympathetic to the ‘right-wing media’ fundraising ploy, so he can’t show it too plainly…

Moe Lane

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  1. What a delicious post! I linked you because you made me LOL when I saw your headline just as I was searching for the YoutTube clip of the Wicked Witch melting to illustrate my post on “Obama retreating from the public option? Don’t you believe it.” Thanks for reminding me that Obama is using his plummeting popularity to demonize his opponents and fundraise from the true believers. I’ll add those plays to my Obama Prevarication Predictor playbook.

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