‘Baron’ is merely your *name*, Rep. Hill (D, IN-09).

It is not your job description.

Check out (via the Campaign Spot) this amazingly fatheaded – and more amusingly, techno-illiterate – posturing by Democratic Congressman Baron Hill:

See also Hoosierpundit, who’s also covering this district pretty thoroughly, it looks like.

Let me address Hill’s points:

  • This is not your town hall meeting. It is your constituents’, which you are providing them for their benefit.
  • You work for them.
  • You do not set the rules. Your constituents do.
  • You work for them.
  • The fact that you had to repeat that indicates that your constituents have a firmer grasp of this fact than you do.
  • You work for them.
  • Again, this is their town hall meeting; you are there to be accountable.
  • You work for them.
  • They are going to tell you how to run your Congressional office.
  • You work for them.
  • Nobody gives a tinker’s dam about why you don’t want to allow people filming you doing your job.
  • You work for them.
  • And, hey (and to evoke Jim Geraghty)! You ended up in a compromising position on YouTube anyway. Go figure.

Moe Lane

PS: You don’t actually have to work for them. Both Todd Young and Travis Hankins (at the very least) would be happy to relieve you of the burden.

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  1. He continued right where the clip ends: I mean, I might say something in context and would have a hell of time trying to spin it later on.

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