5 thoughts on “Drink beer and get fit.”

  1. Well, if you do decide to try it, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing is pretty much the book to get as a starter. And FWIW, once you’ve bought the (fairly minimal) equipment needed (big plastic bucket or glass carboy for fermenting, siphon hoses, bottle capper, a few other odds and ends, big-ass brewpot if you don’t already have a big one), homebrew is usually cheaper than storebought beer.

  2. Half my NJ friends homebrew (two of whom could do it professionally). I’d consider it, except that my basement lacks a sink and the square footage. 🙂

    But it is a fine past-time: teaches thoughtfulness and patience.

  3. Moe, as one of the afore mentioned NJ friends, you could make try making cordials. They take up much less space and require very little skill. I am just about to rack my honey ginger over for drinking. 🙂

  4. Well, if your friends already homebrew, then that solves everything – just use their equipment and space. 🙂

    That reminds me, I need to go pull a bottle of the blueberry raspberry mead out of the keg for this weekend – it’s about 10 years old now, and it’s truly incredible at this point. At the 3 month mark it was so astringent that I actually contemplated pouring it out, though.

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