I wonder if Charlie Cook is having that dream.

You know, the dream where you’re trying to warn somebody, but they can’t hear you, and they keep blithely going onward towards their doom:

Talking with a conservative House Democrat from the South recently, I commented that it must be horrible to go home and get beaten about the head and shoulders by angry constituents. He added, “And then come back here and get beaten up in my own caucus.”

Via Kaus. Although Charlie Cook’s solution (redistricting reform) won’t actually solve the Democratic Party’s problem for it.  The reason why?  Because the aforementioned ‘conservative’ and ‘moderate’ Democrats obey their exceedingly liberal leadership, and those leaders are almost certainly going to keep getting elected, redistricting or no.Take a look at the seven most powerful Democrats in the House (yes, I’m deliberately excluding Steny Hoyer.  Everybody else does):

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi CA-08 D+35
Appropriations David Obey WI-07 D+3
Energy & Commerce Henry Waxman CA-30 D+18
Financial Services Barney Frank MA-04 D+14
Judiciary John Conyers MI-14 D+34
Rules Louise Slaughter NY-28 D+15
Ways & Means Charles Rangel NY-15 D+41

Seven liberals, six of whom are going to cruise to re-election (if the GOP has the year that many people expect next year, David Obey is going to have a massive fight on his hands for a change*).  The urban nature of most of these people’s territories means that there’s not much chance of redesigning their districts as being more competitive; some areas are going to be more conservative and/or liberal, and that’s how it goes.  Plus: until these people retire, their seniority gives them the inside track to leadership positions.  None of them care about bipartisanship.

For that matter, none of them care if they lose 39 seats in the House next election.  Or whatever the number is on Election Day that’s ‘one less than enough to flip control of the House.’

Moe Lane

*DisOBEY.  Support Sean Duffy for Congress.

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2 thoughts on “I wonder if Charlie Cook is having that dream.”

  1. I always get a kick out of how a lot of Beltway People call Cook a “ZenMaster”* and the like. But he just strikes me nothing more than another in a long line of leftist hacks.
    And to see him fretting like this is pure bliss.

    *I forget who called him that, but in 2004, somebody kept calling him a “Zenmaster.”


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