This is too filthy to put on RedState.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Ann Althouse readers.

Even to reference, sadly. Ann Althouse, on the NYT’s “Oops, we keep missing stories, do we?” mea-sorta-kinda-not-really-culpa:

You can read what the public editor, Clark Hoyt, has to say on the subject here. Note the URL. I love the way the URL generator coined the word “pubed” out of public editor. It’s not a new coinage though. Urban Dictionary has already defined “pube” — usually a noun — as a verb. Definition #5:

to place a hair from the pubic male region on a piece of food to be served to a customer usually though not necessarily, by a worker of the establishment

“i was pubed last night by the guys at jj’s” (past tense)

There’s got to be an analogy here, but I will move back to Hoyt’s gentle probing of his employer.

(Via Instapundit) In other words, it’s a perfectly accurate URL, if only by accident.  Also: “probing.” So that’s what they’re calling it, these days.

Hey, once you’re in the muck, you might as well go all the way in…

Moe Lane

One thought on “This is too filthy to put on RedState.”

  1. Well, I don’t see what’s so “filthy” about it…
    However, I did notice that their article failed to remember the antics such “news” organizations participated in and funded to get Army Recruiters in trouble in ’05 and ’06.

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