This is the greatest alarm clock in the history of humanity.

I must possess one.

If your entire nervous system is governed by your awareness of cooking food, or put another way, if you are male, you will love this clock perhaps even more than life itself. The Wake’n’Bacon is fitted with two halogen lamps that turn on ten minutes before it’s time to wake – cooking a slice of bacon you have put on the recessed grill-tray. Who could sleep through the smell of cooking bacon? Who would want to?

The email that sent this to me H/T’ed somebody called Jeff Quinton. Jeff, whoever you are: I hope somebody buys you one.

One thought on “This is the greatest alarm clock in the history of humanity.”

  1. I gave the flying alarm clock and the Stephen Fry clock to my sister’s family as holiday gifts…they used the flying alarm clock once. I had no idea how loud that sucker would be. Sure woke up my brother in law (once)…they still like the Stephen Fry clock.

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