Democrats to fight ugly. ‘ZOUNDS!

Well, uglier (Via Hot Air Headlines). This should surprise nobody, of course – with emphasis on ‘should,’ because it invariably will surprise somebody who should have really known better.

On the bright side, it’s always helpful when one’s opponents admit that they’re afraid.

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5 thoughts on “Democrats to fight ugly. ‘ZOUNDS!”

  1. Sadly, I suspect that the Bushies over at the Chris Christie for Governor Campaign have been caught absolutely flatfooted.

    Someone forgot to read their copy of Rules for Radicals.

    Idiots. Christie deserves the horsewhipping he’s getting right now. Apparently, he’s underperforming in Republican base areas.

    1. I want to give the polling another week or so before I decide that we’re actually going to see a third party in NJ break double digits.

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