“One Headlight.”

The one with Springsteen in it.

“One Headlight,” The Wallflowers/ Bruce Springsteen

It’s somewhere around 2:30 that you can see Springsteen go, Hey.  Didn’t I used to do… something… what was that called?  …Right, ‘rock.’  How did I do that, again?  Oh, of course… Huh.  I wonder why I stopped doing this.  Weird.

Waitasecond.  You’re not Van Zandt!  Who’s the bald guy?  There’s no SAXOPHONE!

Where’s my band?  Where’s my goddamned band?

It was a relief, really.

3 thoughts on ““One Headlight.””

  1. I got nothing against Jakob Dylan, but Bruce pretty much extracted all the oomph from that song and left the shell on the stage.

    So, yeah.

  2. Too true – first of all, Dylan did not put in his best performance here. Live is supposed to have *more* oompf than the studio, Jake, come on! Also, Bruce just took it to town. I kinda liked this song before, but now I want to hear what Springsteen could do with it without a whiny-sounding youngster sharing the stage! Because seriously, who does bitter disillusionment without angst better than Springsteen?

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