How does a Democratic President know when he has an image problem?

When the Nation the Nation! – calls him the Whiner-in-Chief. Instapundit has more, including links to the front line of the administration’s War Against Fox. And along those lines, this bit (via Hot Air) of Glenn Beck is pretty much an instant classic:

It’s a marvelous day when you can use toy tanks and helicopters on national television to demonstrate just how silly your opponents are being.

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “How does a Democratic President know when he has an image problem?”

  1. Mr. Obama is trying to create more distractions; the simple truth is that the SNL (investigated by fools) skit was correct; he has done Jack and Squat. The people are beginning to see threw the fairy dust and the Unicorn farts and realize he has no plan. His creditability is almost gone. He is rapidly becoming a joke to the world and the American people. His policies are beginning to be seriously looked at and found wanting. He has no clue where to go or what to do. The propaganda media is beginning to doubt the wisdom of backing him (except Christy of the tingle). The democrats up for election are being asked to fall on their swords for his failures and are beginning to doubt his hype. Mr. Obamas continuous whining like a little girl is becoming irritating and he wonders how he will cope without his supermajority in congress because that is going to be gone very soon, and the mean ole republicans (not the RINOs) may know how to deal with a whining child (maybe) and he cannot tolerate that.

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