So, what’s the *most* offensive thing about this Chris Matthews clip?

This being the one where he wants Rush Limbaugh to, well, die:

So. Is it…

  1. The aforementioned wants-Limbaugh-to-die bit?
  2. That the only reason that Chris Matthews is trying this is in the hope that going after Limbaugh will boost his ratings?
  3. Or that Chris Matthews thinks that Live and Let Die is a great film?

I’m actually going to go with 3). Chris Matthews will undoubtedly coward up and claim the usual ‘it-was-just-a-joke’ defense; and as for getting eyeballs, well, Matthews needs to get them somehow.  But Live and Let Die wasn’t even Roger Moore’s best Bond film; I’ll also be marginally nice and merely note that Matthews’ pick of it may say some very interesting things about how the pundit views African-Americans…

Moe Lane

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  2. L&LND had a 22-year old Jayne Seymour, Geoffrey Holder (“the UNNN-cola nut — hahahahaaaa…”), and flying speedboats innit. What wasn’t to love?

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