The *biggest* disappointment, Mr. Robinson?

In the middle of complaining about the President’s curiously limited visit to New Orleans, Washington Post opinion columnist Eugene Robinson wrote:

It was stunning that he would spend only a few hours on the ground and that he wouldn’t set foot in Mississippi or Alabama at all.


  • Mississippi, 2008 result: 56% McCain, 43% Obama
  • Alabama, 2008 result: 60% McCain, [39]% Obama [My glitch, folks: sorry.]

Not really, no.

Moe Lane

PS: Louisiana is part of a critical bit of Democratic mythology (How the Right Wing Left Black People to Die), so it needs to get at least a little attention.  Provided that it can be also used to push something truly important, such as pushing the Democratic health care rationing bill.

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4 thoughts on “The *biggest* disappointment, Mr. Robinson?”

  1. Moe,

    I’m not Math Guru of the Universe, but even I know that Alabama’s 60%+43%= too much. Even if there were rounding errors in both numbers, 59%+42%=still too much.

    On another note, check out this AP story about Sharpton threatening to sue Limbaugh:|compaq-desktop|dl1|link6|

    Note how AP fact-checked the hell out of Rush’s remarks about Sharpton’s role in Crown Heights and Freddy’s Fashion Mart. If only somebody had done Rush the same courtesy before running with their “quotes” attributed to him.

  2. Math errors are besides the point. Mississippi & Alabama voted for McCain was the point.

    The figures are correct if you consider the illegal ACORN vote for the dimokRAT.

    Why do you think the Saturn automobile factory was pulled out of Tennessee?

    Can you say Obama Motors, Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm? Good! I knew ya could!!

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