Why *did* Gov. Corzine fund Ferriero’s corruption for so long?

I mean, I know that the Governor’s rich, thanks to Goldman-Sachs – so donating a mere $440,000 or so to former Bergen County chair Joe Ferriero (and yet another convicted Democratic politician) over the years may have been a mere lark.  A minor duty.  He just did what they told him to.  Still, you’d have thought that Corzine might have noticed all the dirty dealing going on.  Or cared.

Because the legal system did b0th:

Former Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero, who was one of New Jersey’s most powerful political leaders for a decade, was convicted of federal corruption charges today.  A jury found Ferriero guilty of one count of conspiracy – the most serious charge – and two counts of mail fraud.  He was acquitted on five other mail fraud charges.

Ferriero was accused of defrauding Bergenfield after he and Borough Attorney Dennis Oury obtained a contract for a grants writing company they owned.  Oury, who was Ferriero’s co-defendant, pleaded guilty days before the trial was set to start, and testified against the former party leader.  The jury found that Ferriero defrauded the borough of Oury’s “honest services.”

“This case is a glaring example of someone who used his power and influence to corrupt a public official, and we are gratified that the jury saw it that way,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman. “This office will continue its tradition of aggressively investigating and prosecuting those who think that they can enrich themselves and their friends at the public’s expense.”

So, two questions: what does this say about Corzine’s own ethics?  And if you want to say that it shouldn’t say anything, fine.  What does this say about Corzine’s ability to notice things?

Moe Lane

PS: Chris Christie had some comments about Corzine’s willingness to fund Ferriero.  Not to mention some questions that Corzine won’t – or possibly can’t – answer.  Chris Christie for Governor.

PPS: Note: this has nothing to do with the Hudson County Democratic extortion/money laundering/organ trafficking story. Except, of course, for the bit about how all of these people know each other.

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