Ehh. A win in Iraq’s a win…

…and while I agree with Jules Crittenden that the current President will do his best to hog the credit for it, better for both Iraq and America that we actually win there*.  And would that the antiwar activist Left had had that reasonably obvious epiphany at any time in the last eighteen years; the USA would have had an easier time of it.  Then again, we’re talking about a group that sees no difference between rooting for their country’s victory in war, and rooting for going into debt for a collection of international sporting events – so I suppose that we should be grateful that they’ve had the epiphany of wearing their underwear inside their pants.

Moe Lane

PS: The Tom Friedman piece that Jules went off on is… also ehh.  Mostly just there to stop Friedman from having the nightmares every night.  Not that I’d presume to play telepath, or anything.

*Not that Jules is disagreeing with that sentiment, either.

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