Voter Fraud Video Watch – NJ.

Via Election Journal, somebody tried to steal this guy’s vote.

In fact, as EJ noted earlier, they still might – thanks to the Democratic party’s attempt to keep the rules for absentee ballots as loose as possible. If the absentee ballot is deemed the valid one…

Moe Lane

PS: Final question: how many people who didn’t go out to vote today ended up voting in NJ, after all?

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7 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Video Watch – NJ.”

  1. Britney, what is the specific problem with demanding that people show ID to prove their identity at the polls?

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  3. Mea culpa for answering. I made the assumption that matt was referring to something you had already excised.

  4. I started to yell ‘Cleanup on aisle six!’ then I realized this wasn’t redstate, so I decided not to…

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