Dorwin Award*: Robin Carnahan.

Watch with some amusement as Missouri Secretary of State (and Senate hopeful) Robin Carnahan (D) refuses to answer two simple questions:

  • Does she support the House’s health care rationing bill?


  • What is her opinion on the Stupak amendment?

(See also: The

While Carnahan’s response to the first question might be at least considered a standard attempt at mealy-mouthing, and thus not overly outrageous; I cannot imagine how any progressive watching that could be pleased at her ‘answer’ to the second question.  Every credible side in the health care dispute concedes that the Stupak amendment is relevant to the discussion, and people are keeping track of who has what opinion of it.  Robin Carnahan’s going to have to choose a side.

Moe Lane

PS: What exactly did the Carnahan family do in Missouri to justify their quasi-hereditary political status in that state?  Save St. Louis from a rampaging Mississippi River monster?

*See here and here for the reference.

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4 thoughts on “Dorwin Award*: Robin Carnahan.”

  1. Russ and Robin’s father was pretty much a standard semi-corrupt Democrat career politician running for the US Senate from the Governor’s office. A few days before the election, he, his son and two others were killed in the crash of a small plane in a bad rain storm. The state’s Democrat news media immediately declared the mediocre governor to be a saint. The lieutenant governor said he would appoint Carnahan’s wife if the dead man “won” the election. This narrowly took place. John Ashcroft who had been leading in the polls, did not contest the result despite Carnahan not qualifying for the office. Candidates must be residents of the State. The deceased do not “reside” anywhere in this world.

    Ever since the media has treated the Carnahan name with reverence. I suppose they are right to do so. Enabling the theft of an election is a great accomplishment in the Democrat’s world.

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