Matthew Berry to challenge Jim Moran (D, VA-08).

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Matthew Berry. Not the ESPN guy: the former Clarence Thomas clerk/DoJ/FCC guy. He’s running on a fiscal conservatism/national security/ethics platform; and opposing the infamous Jim Moran, believer in Israeli conspiracies.  His statement about Moran’s blathering* on the NYC show trials works for me:

“It is wrong for Congressman Moran to question the patriotism of the millions of Americans who believe that terrorists such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried by military commissions rather than in civilian courtrooms. Furthermore, Congressman Moran’s comment reflects a basic ignorance of American history. Military commissions were used to try war crimes during the Revolutionary War, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War II. The use of a military commission to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would have been entirely in keeping with American history and tradition.”

For those wondering: VA-08 is a D+16 district that includes Arlington, Virginia, which makes Matthew’s oppositional stance on the hot-button topics of the stimulus, cap and trade, and the health care rationing bill all the more notable.  He’s also supportive of the Tea Party’s objectives of more citizen involvement in government, particularly from a fiscal point of view.  Lastly; Matthew happens to be gay, and is making no attempt to hide his sexual orientation.  Which, given the way that minority conservatives routinely get viciously targeted by the Other Side, deserves particular mention.

The race itself is in its early days; Matthew appears to be the first candidate to declare for the primary (the VA GOP**, while not involving itself in primaries, did note that “it would be of great benefit to the Commonwealth of Virginia if Jim Moran were to lose his seat;” they look forward to supporting the eventual candidate).  All in all, a fiscon and natsec hawk sounds like a definite trade-up to the guy that we have in there now.

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*Apparently, objecting to show trials in NYC is now somehow un-American.  I’d note the irony, except that I’m more bemused at the irony that a ‘show trial’ has become the best possible outcome for this administration.

**Who did a nice job with the last election, by the way.

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15 thoughts on “Matthew Berry to challenge Jim Moran (D, VA-08).”

  1. This guy is going to need all the support he can get. Arlington and Alexandria are chock full of people dependent on the government for their livelihood, and there is simply not a more liberal part of Virginia.

  2. Moran was almost taken out in a primary challenge a couple of cycles ago. its the only way we are going to rid our nation of him. A republican will not win this district.

  3. Good for Mr. Berry and the voters of Va. Tis best to have opposition instead of long-serving shoe-in conspiracy theorists in Gov. I hope he stays ethical and runs a good campaign.

  4. I’m a Conservative Republican and I can get behind this gentleman. The American People have to begin throwing idiots, wastrels and people who have never read our Constitution OUT OF OFFICE. Go Mathew Berry!

  5. True enough, though Moran hasn’t been busted
    with cash in the freezer-he has been known to randomly beat up the juvenile children of his constituents and even that wasn’t enough.

  6. I live in the heart of Arlington and am one of the few Republicans of any stripe on my block. I have asked my neighbors why they continually vote for a guy who pleaded no contest to bribery when he was a member of the Alexandria City Council, was convicted of beating his wife and hangs out with Stormfront types. I tell them you don’t have to vote for a Republican, there is the primary process. They just look at me with blank stares.

  7. I’ve worked in Alexandria/Fairfax, and I can pretty much concur with Paul’s assessment. To vote for a Republican in that district – unless he can swear that not a dime will be cut from the areas of government one works in – is personal suicide.

    Good luck, though!

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