POTUS visits Objective Reality on Gitmo.

(Via Hot Air) Took him long enough:

President Obama acknowledged for the first time on Wednesday that his administration would miss a self-imposed deadline to close the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, by mid-January, admitting the difficulties of following through on one of his first pledges as president.


On Guantánamo, Mr. Obama said that he now hoped to shut down the detention facility sometime next year, but he did not set a new deadline.

Translation: Gitmo isn’t closing in 2010, either – which means that it probably isn’t closing, period.  Which is something that I’ve known was going to be happening for months.  But then, I’m not the Fortunate Son.

Moe Lane

PS: Next time?  Run for and serve as Governor of something, Mr. President.  It helps cut down on rookie mistakes like this.

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3 thoughts on “POTUS visits Objective Reality on Gitmo.”

  1. really? So the prediction is it won’t close at all in 2010. Well, the one thing POTUS is not a rookie at is accomplishing his goals. He admits his mistakes, learns, and succeeds. Summer 2010 Gitmo will be closed. You gotta let this rook give Americans the safety and security of healthcare first.

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