Governor-elects Christie, McDonnell fib at the RGA shindig.

They were asked why they didn’t bring in former Governor Sarah Palin to campaign for them in Virginia & New Jersey, and both of them made what are entirely excusable fibs about scheduling conflicts and the need to stay focused on state-specific problems.  Come, I will hide nothing from you: they didn’t bring her in because both of them concluded that her reputation had taken a hit and had not recovered enough.


Moe Lane

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2 thoughts on “Governor-elects Christie, McDonnell fib at the RGA shindig.”

  1. I agree Moe! As someone who lives in NJ, I can say that many in this communist-leaning state are still into the cartoon character of Palin and not the real deal. There are some of us working to get the truth out there for Palin though!

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