I am down to single hours in Dragon Age.

Three floors at Fort Drakon, including the archdemon. Over 110 hours of gameplay, which given the forty or so bucks I paid for it suggests that I got a pretty respectable ROI. I’m nowhere near a hardcore computer gamer, so I probably wasted a good 30 or so of those hours doing stupid or redundant things; but it was worth it.

If you have the time, pick up Dragon Age: Origins: it’s the business. Hell, my wife wants to play it when I’m done, and she doesn’t play video games.

2 thoughts on “I am down to single hours in Dragon Age.”

  1. Dragon Age Origins: Full of glitches in the end if you’re playing on the PS3. My disappointment was that the archdeamon was a cake-walk for a level 25. Great game other than that, put in a 110 hours and got the excellent ending with the human noble. I am pretty much a do-gooder so I went for the perfectionist ending. Took the good chick (lelianna) over the bad one (whats-her-name leliths daughter), though saved everyone in the end. None-the-less it was a great game. BTW, this was my first true RPG, other than this it’s been FF. BTW, did you notice I was absent from redstate for about two weeks around Thanksgiving? That darn game!

  2. lastly, i thought i was the only one that would put in 110 hours doing redundant things in the game, but as you said worth it. BTW, I am what you would call a moderate gamer.

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