Al Franken bravely goes after GOP *staffers*…

So much for ‘Minnesota Nice.’

…apparently, the negative fallout from going after actual Republican Senators was a bit much for the man, and of course he can’t just act like a mature federal legislator.  Al Franken, remember?

Anyway, via Drudge here’s the latest loss-of-control:

Franken invited [Sen. Bob] Corker to his office to discuss an op-ed that Corker penned in a Tennessee newspaper opposing an amendment Franken offered to a defense bill. The measure gave the employees of defense contractors who suffer rape or sexual assault at the workplace the right to sue in court.

The meeting quickly deteriorated when Franken began berating one of Corker’s aides, according to GOP aides familiar with the incident. Franken’s sally was so harsh that Corker told Franken to lay off his aide and direct the comments at him instead.

Franken’s tough approach came as a surprise because Corker scheduled the meeting to mend fences after Franken confronted him about the op-ed during an angry exchange on the Senate floor.

Franken also went out after another GOP staffer – female, of course – for the supposed crimes of Republican Senators. You almost have to feel bad for the decidedly junior Senator from Minnesota: after all, it’s been an entire year since the election, and he’s still just Al Franken.  And he’s starting to subconsciously grasp that putting the title ‘Senator’ in front of his name won’t change that.

Moe Lane

PS: In the unlikely chance that he ever reads this: make me respect you, Senator Smalley.

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4 thoughts on “Al Franken bravely goes after GOP *staffers*…”

  1. I emailed the coward clown a copy of your article. lets see what the gutless coward has to say

    Dennis Stevens

  2. You can send an abusive, humorless loser to the Senate, but he’s still going to be an abusive, humorless loser.

  3. People who don’t know him almost always portray al as the consumate activist whose background and “pugnacious” attitude over come his judgements.
    Nothinbg could be further from the truth.
    His tough guy image is cultivated but without support.
    He specializes in ambush then in the odd case of confrontation by the other party mumbles and crawls invoking his background as an excuse.
    In spite of his attempted misinformation, his college wrestking career is fiction. His high school teamates also laugh at his attempts to charactorize a very unremarkable high school wrestling career (never wrestled varsity) as successful.
    His only public physical confrontation resulted in al on his back, glasses broke in two, screaming for security with a howrad dean heckler on top of him

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