The Mighty Scarlet Iowahawk Jumpsuit post.

So I was catching up on my Iowahawk reading, and was laughing at this post on the Mighty Scarlet Iowahawk Jumpsuit. In a perhaps unguarded moment, I mentioned to my wife how I couldn’t decide whether Iowahawk wanted the jumpsuit that his girlfriend got him, or whether this was an escalating War of Silly Presents situation. She replied:

It could be something in the middle. For example, he was ranting about jumpsuits for a week and a half…

not that I speak from experience or anything

…and she decided to buy him one because he’s so obsessed with them.

I have the vague, undefinable feeling that I somehow lost that particular one.  Which is odd, because I wasn’t even aware that I was playing.

Moe Lane

PS: And now she’s quietly embroidering.  Like a ninja.

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Scarlet Iowahawk Jumpsuit post.”

  1. I’ve been telling you for years that you better watch yourself. We’re both in similar metaphorical boats — yours has ninja skillz (not to mention the amazing job), and mine can have me committed on her say-so alone. Stay on their good side, and keep up with the cooking. Further, deponent sayeth not.

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