Ah, former Governor Palin?

Time to start the waltz, methinks.

A few days ago Sissy Willis asked a very interesting question: Will Sarah Palin endorse Scott Brown?  I’ve been thinking about it a bit; and while I can see the arguments both pro and con, I think that it’s time that Sarah Palin did.  You have to speculate to accumulate, after all.

So let’s light this candle.

Moe Lane

PS: Scott Brown for US Senate.

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6 thoughts on “Ah, former Governor Palin?”

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  2. If it’s the right thing to do, she will know and will strike — whether in Facebook, Twitter and/or in some high-profile op ed — at just the right moment. Thanks for the link!

  3. She is demonstrably (Trig, the grandchild), though not obnoxiously, pro-life. I think you’re asking too much. If she were to point out some of the myriad flaws in Coakley’s character, would that suffice?

  4. I agree with both Sissy and Pat. Though Brown is apparently pro-Stupak amendment, he’s still prochoice. That may prevent her from endorsing him, though maybe she’ll help in some way since he would be the vote against health care. While your principles may not allow you to work for him, you can still vote for him as the best of the three choices.

  5. Moe

    Just wanted to say thanks for the recent posts you’ve done for Scott Brown. MA, although reliably Democratic in voting situations, is really not as moonbat left as the media would have us believe…sheepish most of time, yes, but liberal not so much. Over half our registered voters are unaffiliated with either party, and we did vote for Reagan. The unerolled voters will make this special election. The GOP is solidly behind Brown, Joe Kennedy will be lucky to get 3%, and the DEM base is unenthusiastic with their candidate. We have high hopes for Brown pulling this out over the presumptive winner.

    The chatter on Brown is what keeping his campaign alive…out of state donations are making a huge difference, but we have to keep it going.

    Thanks again


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