Meet Michael Meehan. Democrat.

He’s currently on loan to the Coakley campaign from the DSCC:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also dispatched Michael Meehan, a media consultant with ties to Massachusetts, to assist the Coakley camp with messaging.

And this is the guy that attacked a Weekly Standard reporter last night after Coakley’s lobbyist-driven fundraiser:

You think that it’s the same guy? It looks like the same guy.

BIG HT: Hot Air.

Moe Lane

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7 thoughts on “Meet Michael Meehan. Democrat.”

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  2. Is Martha Coakley from Chicago?

    Meehan is what Yosemite Sam was referring to when he used the term “Big Galoot” – What a LOSER! and a BULLY!

    PS: Did I mention he was a LOSER?

  3. Just in case you miss it on the RS Open Thread, Moe…

    “Scott Brown is DOOM!
    “Ms Coakley’s on fire…
    “The fires of DOOM!”

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