The Change that they were waiting for: Gibbs and the WH Press Pool.

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Contra Hot Air and Instapundit, this isn’t really funny:

…it’s sad. The White House press pool is being given the mushroom treatment; and they know that they’re being given the mushroom treatment. But they don’t want to respond appropriately – which is to say, stop letting Robert Gibbs define what are or are not appropriate questions to ask. Until that happens – and the press corps internalizes the notion that Gibbs and the administration needs them a hell of a lot more than they need Gibbs and the administration – they’ll keep getting the mushroom treatment.

I’d be sympathetic, except that elections have consequences.

Moe Lane

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18 thoughts on “The Change that they were waiting for: Gibbs and the WH Press Pool.”

  1. You nailed it. The administration needs the press a lot more than the press needs the administration. Internalize, internalize, internalize!

  2. it’s just a question of msm fairness…

    after gannon/guckert was gone, the press is still interviewing for a similar role.

    (except jake tapper)

  3. Gibbs interrupts every questioner before they are half through. I don’t see why they don’t call him on that.

  4. You know what would really scare the crap out of the white house? What if the press corps just didn’t show up for a week?


  5. The White House press corps drank the Democrat Kool-Aid. So why are they so surprised when it’s followed by the Donkey Punch?

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  7. Its not true that the President needs the press more than the press needs the President.

    If the President isn’t successful, the press doesn’t get the government it wants. Since that is all the press wants – even more than their jobs – they need the President more than anything.

  8. The press is getting what they deserve. After all this time, all this condescension, the lies – most people would be angry as hell, but you listen to these questioners and they sound like timid, apologetic mice. “Sorry Mr. Gibbs, I don’t mean to offend, but you know when you said you cleared that up? I am not so sure you did…” pathetic. Where was Jake Tap Tap?

  9. Like Carter, the press will partially turn on Obama when it gets to the point they can’t be in denial anymore, and have to admit to themselves that the things they were hoping and expecting an Obama Administration to accomplish are going down the tubes due to the administration’s ineptness (and it’s only a ‘partial’ turn, because no matter how bad Barack does over the next two years from a liberal standpoint of getting their agenda passed, the big media will hold their noses and try to push him over the finish line in 2012 against whomever the Republicans put up).

  10. JR:

    “MainStream Mushrooms”!

    You made me laugh out loud!

    I like it even better than my standard appellation: “MediaCrats”.

  11. How is it some people don’t see through this BS???

    Gibbs, what a tool, what a moron.

    Finally some reporters are standing up to this crap.

    Remember Helen Thomas?

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