So, Mrs. Senator Brown was some kind of bikini-clad ninja assassin…

…at least, based on this otherwise utterly forgettable video from 1984, by a band called Digney Fignus*:

(Via Little Miss Attila & the Daily Caller)

And this was apparently something that the Huffington Post wanted to promote on their site. Judging from my immediate reactions:

  • I am happy not to be living in the alternate universe where Digney Fignus became superstar rockers;
  • I feel obligated, once again, to apologize for the music industry’s fashion choices of the mid-to-late 1980s (what can I say? Cocaine was apparently being handed out as party favors back then);
  • I wish that progressives would stop being so ugly and tangled up inside over sex;

…I’m not exactly sure what their point is. OK, that’s a lie: I know what their point is. I’m just mildly annoyed that they thought that this attack was actually going to work.

Moe Lane

*A band sufficiently obscure as to lack a presence on Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “So, Mrs. Senator Brown was some kind of bikini-clad ninja assassin…”

  1. I tried reading the HuffPo comments to see any sign of reason. Other than the occasional “you’re fooling with me, right?” comments, most were in agreement about how horrible this was.

    Lefties live in an alternate universe. Unfortunately, the wall between our worlds have broken down and their delusions have spilled over into ours.

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