It’s a miracle Shea-Porter didn’t talk about cooking her colleagues’ dinners.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: when I read this title (“Shea-Porter: Send the men home and Congress could pass health care reform”) I assumed that it was just some garden-variety nonsense about the war. Rep. Craol Shea-Porter is a Democratic Member of Congress who was active in the antiwar movement, so she’s going to be saying stupid things about national security at pretty much the same rate that you or I emit carbon dioxide.  This is hardly acceptable, but it’s a situation that exists.  People get used to it.

But no.  No, Rep. Shea-Porter actually just fell out of the Stereotypes about Women tree, and hit every branch on the way down.

Apparently, the reason why we don’t have health care rationing is because all the MEN (from both parties) in Congress are keeping all the WOMEN (who are all automatically nurturing caregivers) in Congress down. And the WOMEN in Congress are being kept from doing anything about it because the MEN won’t listen to them. And the WOMEN don’t complain about it because the MEN… I’m not sure what Rep. Shea-Porter thinks that the MEN are doing to keep the WOMEN down, although I have my suspicions at what she thinks what it’d take. And how does Rep. Shea-Porter know all of this? Because she talks about it with other WOMEN. In the bathroom.

In. The. Bathroom.

162 years since Seneca Falls, and we’ve come this far.

Moe Lane

PS: Rep. Shea-Porter has two potential Republican opponents: Frank Guinta and Bob Bestani.

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6 thoughts on “It’s a miracle Shea-Porter didn’t talk about cooking her colleagues’ dinners.”

  1. Sexism…in the Congress of the United States? Insensitive remarks and harassment of the opposite sex creating a bad environment in the work place? Isn’t there a law against that or something?

    “Well, Fred, it is a woman harassing the men in the work place.”

    Oh…that’s OK then.

  2. Well I do find Representative Shea-Porter’s voice less grating than I do Senator Arlen Specter. Aside from that they seem like a good match.

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