The speech was a Rorshach test, Smitty. #rsrh

At least, it was for Kleinheider, coupled with a big heaping of sour grapes about how nobody wants to come out and march for left-populism the way that they want to march for right- and libertarian-populism (not quite the same thing).  For that matter, the sexual connotations in Kleinheider’s first paragraph* would provide interesting fodder for a remote psychological viewing, if I inclined that way.  On the other hand, I haven’t actually seen THAT WOMAN’s speech, so I probably shouldn’t even be opining on the subject.  On the gripping hand: it’s Sunday, and since when do people not opine on subjects just because of… any reason, really?

See Instapundit for a round-up of more reactions.

Moe Lane

*The erotic and sexual aspects associated with vampirism in modern Western society are of course well known; I suggest this post for a perusal of some of the literature.  And this one for a more pragmatic take.

6 thoughts on “The speech was a Rorshach test, Smitty. #rsrh”

  1. Was only able to get through a paragraph and a half of the Kleinheider crap, and it seems that EVERY person who commented there had the same problem. I found myself silently cheering while reading them.

  2. Klownheider’s a fool who has been a Democrat in self-tailored paleo-conservative’s clothing since the day he was hired.

    He hates Republicans. He hates Tea Partiers. He hates conservatives and libertarians of all stripes.

    The Nashville media consists of two outlets: The Gannett Chain and the Village Voice chain. He’s in the Village Voice one. Take that as you will.

    If he started giving plaudits to the people he’s been calling teabagging faggots since Santelli he’d be fired post haste.

    Note the line about Palin’s alleged “nobility” of standing up to Iran and for Israel. Before Post Politics, he wrote on another local site where he argued that Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by the Israelis as an excuse to bomb Palestinians.

    Really though, his concern trolling about the state of the movement is too much.

  3. You should have seen my Twitter feed last night. I had people from both sides: MelissaTweets cheering her on with direct quotes, Roger Ebert sputtering and drooling, BorowitzReport trying out oneliners, all in real time.

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