Rep. Bill Delahunt (D, MA): why did you put Amy Bishop back on the street?

Amy Bishop, of course, is the woman who murdered those people down at the University of Alabama… and, apparently, she was ‘taken into custody’ for the murder of her brother in 1986.  And that’s where it gets interesting.

Amy Bishop was released before she was booked, however, and she was never charged in the incident. All police records of the case have since gone missing, with the exception of an entry in the police log noting an accidental shooting, Frazier said.


Braintree officers who remember the 1986 shooting said that former police Chief John Polio dismissed detectives from the case and ordered the department to release Amy Bishop after a telephone conversation with former district attorney William Delahunt.

Polio was not forthcoming about why then-DA Delahunt decided not to press charges, or why the documents in the case are apparently not available. Given the circumstances, perhaps the Congressman from MA-10 would like to fill in the blanks, as it were? Assuming that he’s done deciding whether he’s going to go through the process, of course.

Moe Lane

PS:Oh, this just gets murkier.

Braintree Police Chief Paul Frazier confirmed today at a news conference that Amy Bishop had fatally shot her brother in 1986. But Frazier offered a different account of the shooting, saying Bishop had shot her brother during an argument and was being booked by police when the police chief at the time ordered the booking process stopped and Bishop released to her mother.


“I don’t want to use the word ‘coverup’ … but this does not look good,” he said.

No. No, it does not.

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  1. Once a murderer, always a murderer. So saith Hercule Poirot.

    This woman’s poor brother did not deserve justice, according to the despicable Mr. William Delahunt.

  2. Bill isn’t being “kneecapped.” By turning a crazy woman loose, he shot himself in the leg. Just as Huckabee is being held responsible for turning loose the crazy man who killed four cops in Washington state.

  3. Yeah but JEM he was already going down this is just the straw that broke the camels back. Plus know this….if this was a Republican it would be WALL TO WALL on the LEFTIST media stations!

  4. @Rob Crawford: “Do Mass. voters ever hold politicians responsible for anything?”

    Not that I have seen, and I have been a political junkie at the National level for about 36 years.

    The citizens of the Blue States in general, and the North East specifically, have a lot to answer for. These crucibles of Communism will have to be taken to task in some way for the fecklessness.

  5. ck:
    It’s good to have clout anywhere where “politics” really matters. It goes by another name in our few remaining decent societies– “corruption.” Clout simply means “a nation of men, not laws.”

  6. To be fair, if she *had* been booked she would likely have gotten out of jail long ago and still could very well have been in that room as a biology professor applying for tenure. It’s not like capital felonies would preclude a career in the modern academy.

  7. Mass. has one of the most corrupt political establishments of all the states. Consider:
    1) What Ted Kennedy got away with, both before, during, and after Chappaquidick
    2) What mobster Whitey Bulger got away with just because his brother (!) Billy Bulger was head of the state legislature for years. Whitey alwaus seemed to know what the FBI and local police were up to and Billy no doubt could influence wavering state legislators by saying “You know, all my whole family really cares about this vote, know what I mean?” Whitey Bulger disappeared from view, in effect retiriing, after winning the Mass. state lottery (!)
    3) For decades the media have encouraged people to regard all this as “local color” instead of outrageous local and national corruption, since it would tend to undermine a bastion of liberal Democrats.

    So no, I am not surprised to hear about the Amy Bishop coverup when it turned out that it took place in Massachusetts.

  8. I’ve taken a great deal of pleasure over the years watching Mass. residents squirm when I asked them why they kept sending such egregious criminals to Washington. I never got anything but mumbles and changed subjects until one day, a fellow told me the reason for their choices. His explanation: “they bring home the bacon. Our state is so corrupt we don’t care how or what any pol gets, as long as Joe Average Guy gets his. We know they’re all criminals anyway.”

    It sounded just exactly like what I heard during thirty-plus years of union membership.

  9. From
    *”According to the investigation report, after Amy and her father had a disagreement, he left for a shopping trip and she went to her room. Amy decided to go to her parents’ room to teach herself to load the shotgun the family had acquired the previous year for protection after a break-in.”

    She has a fight, then decides that is a good time to ” teach herself to load the shotgun”?

    *” She succeeded but could not remove the shells, and the gun fired in the bedroom.”

    So the gun just up and fired all by itself? Um, no. It may have been an accident, but SHE fired it.

    *” Amy then went downstairs to ask for help unloading it and inadvertently shot her brother while her mother watched, according to the report.”

    Wait a minute. She ‘accidentally’ fired the shotgun…twice? She fatally shoots someone and doesn’t do jail time or even go to court? WTF?

    Something’s fishy here.

  10. Of course the Democrats bend over backwards for criminals! How do you think they managed to win all that union support?

  11. You never know what’s going to make a person “snap.” Were there any warning signs? There are no winner’s in this. Many lives have been lost and destroyed. How very tragic.

  12. lately it seems like every time someone commits a murder or other infamous crime people focus on the “failures of the system” rather than prosecuting those who commit the criminal act.

  13. Not even an inquest? That absence of inquest says cover up to me. It’s not too late to reopen the case cuz there’s no statute of limitation on murder. It does seem as though Amy Bishop’s answer to problems is an unlicensed gun. The gun she used to kill her three colleagues was also unlicensed. The shotgun wasn’t hers.

    It’s just struck me that, given where handgun murders predominate, Democrats may be responsible for most of the murders using unlicensed weapons. Perhaps we should not let Democrats and socialists (I repeat myself) have access to weapons. That would drive down the murder rate.

    Anyway, that bit of amusement aside, Amy Bishop’s answer to problems is to kill. She got away with it once; this time, maybe not so lucky, unless there’s a Hahvahd professor/colleague there willing to argue that it’s Bush’s fault.

  14. What I fail to understand in this is, why the kid-gloves treatment 20 years ago? Who’s her family got blackmail pictures of? Is she really Ted Kennedy’s love child?

    This smells.

  15. Let’s see whether the neuro professor can get away with murder a second time with a temporarary insanity defence.

  16. I think we should wait for some more information before blaming congressmen for this tragedy. There is a lot of “I remember”‘s and “It seemed at the time”‘s going on right now.

    The woman is obviously deranged, though. I would also go looking for any other violent incidents over the past 20 years.

  17. Les, she supposedly “accidently discharged” a pump action shotgun not once, nor twice, but three times!!! There was a shot into the wall, a shot into the ceiling and one into her brother. She then ran outside, aimed the gun at a driver in a car as if she going to trying a carjacking before the cops cornered her and got the shotgun away. So add in assault with a deadly weapon, assaulting a law officer and resisting arrest to the potential murder charges. It had to be a really tame local media for people to be able to sell that the shooting was an accident, especially as the local cops who arrested her at gun point were hotter than Hades about the release.

    The current Braintree Police Chief issued a statement that there is going to be an investigation about that missing file.

  18. For some reason, we are unwilling to punish women to the extent that we punish men for similar crimes. Called it the “daddy’s little girl can do no wrong syndrome”. This explains why in male/female conflicts, it is nearly always the male who is labled the villain; which further explains, in part, why there a lot of men in jail because of women.
    As a result of this distorted thinking, women are given a free pass or a sharply reduced sentence for shooting their husbands/boyfriend, while men are given 25 years to life for the same type of crime (killing their wives/girlfriends.
    Until we change our thinking and realize that a murderer is murderer (regardless of their sex), there will be other Amy Bishops that surface in the most tragic ways.
    In 1986, a sobbing Amy Bishop was not charged for killing her brother, because the then DA could not believe that a then pretty 21 year old young Amy was capable of
    murder. How wrong he was.

  19. Now learn she was investigated in an attempted bombing of a physician in Boston. Same issue that lead to the Alabama murders. God help her poor children

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  21. It’s Massachusetts, where a person with connections can pretty much do anything and those in authority will simply cover it up.

  22. Finally, hopefully, maybe, we will put an end to the rein of insanity that has been the hallmark of the women leaders on American campuses for the last 25 years. The revolution is over. Now, we need women who will affirm with their everyday actions that young women need to act with honesty; to be promoted only because they have earned with their dedication to academic rigor the next level of authority–be it as a student, or as a faculty member. Too many, far too many young women have been brought up through the “women’s academic network”. The young gals are encouraged to behave with dishonesty in the name of “taking back” some collective authority that was denied women for 10,000 years. The rhetoric is terrifying. There is no filter in place within the women’s network that would enable other women to vote up/down on another woman’s protege. It would be very interesting to hear from this gal’s teachers/mentors.

  23. Is anyone working this story? C’mon, already. There’s enough WTF’s to warrant checking the political connections between Bishops’ family and Commonwealth of Mass law enforcement or cronies of her father. Do some research, yo. Who was her father? Mother? CONNECT THE DOTS, MEDIA DUMBAZZES!

  24. I just hope the voters remember William Delahunt’s name at election time …. and toss him out.


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