WH ready to go up against Cheney… says anonymous source. Wait, what? #rsrh

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Do these people actually understand how this looks?

But debating Dick Cheney on terrorism? The Obama White House says it’s happy to do that anytime, as it did with Sunday’s split-screen standoff between Cheney and Vice President Joe Biden.

The dueling appearances, along with what is a clear administration strategy to play up its newly aggressive approach in Afghanistan, show a White House determined to project a posture of strength on national security and trying to gain the upper hand with Republicans who wish to portray Obama as weak.

“We have never engaged in chest-beating on what we’re doing on terrorism,” said a White House official, who was pleased by how the interviews had played out. “But this dynamic where we’re responding to criticism from the former vice president gave us the opportunity to explain what we’re doing, without just going out and talking tough.”

Except that what they didn’t do was debate Cheney. They whined about him. And then they bragged about whining about him. Anonymously. Joe Biden wouldn’t actually dare go face-to-face with Dick Cheney on this issue. Heck, he won’t dare go face-to-face with Scott Brown.  And don’t get me wrong: that might even be smart strategy on Biden’s, or the White House’s, part.  But this isn’t September 2008: the Democrats aren’t able to have it both ways quite this comprehensively anymore…

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “WH ready to go up against Cheney… says anonymous source. Wait, what? #rsrh”

  1. Biden is much more stupid than Sarah Palin is alleged to be. Can you imagine the outcry from the government-controlled media had Sarah told the National Guard’s top defense attorney in New England, with the rank of Lt. Col., that she didn’t “know whether the new senator from Massachusetts understands: When you get tried in a military tribunal, you get a lawyer, too.”

    Biden is one of the silliest runaway mouths in the US Senate, with in fact only Chuckie-boy Shumer able to keep up with his empty vacuous dodo-talk.

  2. I do get tired of this White House and the old media. They trashed Sarah Palin and certainly this shows that Biden is no bette, as daveinboca wrote. Uhhbama isn’t any brighter, either and his handlers are keeping him away from press conferences as a result. The old media really foisted a lode of clowns on us.

  3. “Biden is one of the silliest runaway mouths in the US Senate…”

    He’s only in the Senate in order to break ties — this guy’s VP now, remember?

  4. Between obama and biden the bar has been set (God help us)and the left and the msm can no longer say anyone with the intelligence of a gnat is unfit to be president and vp.

  5. Yeah, great comebacks, Charles, Rob. Only people currently in office, regardless of previous position should be allowed to debate the WH. That should be a rule, right? And now that Sen Biden is VP and only presides over the Senate, he can’t really be called “in” the Senate anymore, so neener neener, Dave.

  6. I remember when anonymity used to be the sort of common sense idea that helped create our country. Then the narcissism kicked in, everything has to be in the center stage, person to person. And when you get money from blogads and ads by google, the more you talk without contributing much of substance, the more hits you get, and the more readers come back as they aren’t finding how to find fulfillment on their own in their own personal lives. The one who wins the debate tends to be the one who can talk the loudest and the longest. Anyway, who in their right mind would ever want to get into politics in the first place?

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