Racist Donny Deutsch slurs Marco Rubio (R CAND, FL-SEN).

Via Hot Air, check out the racial sensitivity of MSNBC/CNBC talking head Donnie Deutsch:

‘Coconut,’ for those lucky enough to have missed it up to this point, is a derogatory racial epithet hurled against dark-skinned individuals deemed insufficiently ‘authentic.’ It suggests that the individual in question is ‘brown on the outside, white on the inside.’ When used by someone of the same ethnic identity as the slurred individual, it takes on the additional connotation of ‘race traitor;’ when used by someone of Caucasian ancestry, it typically represents an opportunity to express racial hatreds in a socially acceptable manner. The Other Side has, shall we say, a history of such things; and if we ever have that full and frank discussion of race that’s been promised the first question that I plan to ask is going to be about precisely why this is acceptable behavior among them.

About the only thing mitigating this exercise in public racism is that it appeared on the Joy Behar show, which means that almost nobody saw it anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t get mad.  Get even.

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One thought on “Racist Donny Deutsch slurs Marco Rubio (R CAND, FL-SEN).”

  1. Coconut was a slur used against my cousins in miami who were not ‘liberal’ enough. Everytime I head to Florida to escape the Canadian winter, I will hear some punk somewhere on the streets esp. in Miami use this slur. Its as insulting to as the N– word is to blacks. Let donny keep it up all he is doing is helping more of us non wasps turn conservative. I played the clip for my dad who lives in Florida and he was enraged (he was called that back in the 60s when he worked at a hotle in Miami). He is a democrat slowly coming over to the conservative side. Ol’ Donny the douchebag is only helping to make it easier. Seig Heil donny you racist bastard.

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