Barbara Boxer (D, CA) to get primary challenger: Mickey Kaus.


Pioneering political blogger Mickey Kaus took out papers filed to run for U.S. Senate in California, he told LA Weekly. The Venice resident said he’ll run this year against Barbara Boxer for her seat. He said he took out filed papers at with the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, although a spokeswoman there could not yet confirm the filing.

The Democrat has been centrist and even conservative on some of the issues on which Boxer has taken a more left-leaning stand, including immigration: He does not favor amnesty and favors a more restrictive national policy.

Mickey’s even admitted to it on his site, which would explain why it’s not been updated for a week otherwise.  For obvious reasons, I’m not endorsing him – a hypothetical Senator Kaus would caucus with the Democrats, which breaks the first rule of my endorsement criteria – but if you’re a Democrat who is tired of a liberal idiot* or idiots representing you, well, do something useful about it.  Nobody cares if you’re just going to be mortified.

Moe Lane

PS: If you’re wondering about a particular… consistency… to the slurs against Mickey in that LA Daily post‘s comment section, go click the links found here.  Essentially, this is a legacy of the pushback against Kaus for taking the John Edwards adultery story seriously.  What?  Why are the netroots still trying to use that line, even though it turned out that the netroots had been collectively and individually played for fools?

Re-read the last half of that last sentence for the answer.

*My apologies: that should be a Senatorial idiot.

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