Five at the DC Coffee Party? How… quaint. #rsrh

God save me from the forces of reaction, and their false revolutionary consciousness.

I wouldn’t even bother with this, except that I ran into Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller earlier this week and he’s a good guy. So let me just correct the folks at the DC Coffee Party on something:

One participant, a younger man who brought along a college buddy with him, said the biggest difference between the Coffee Party and the Tea Party is that they believe the federal government is not something that should necessarily be demonized.

Moe Lane
PS: See also: St. Louis.

3 thoughts on “Five at the DC Coffee Party? How… quaint. #rsrh”

  1. You know, I would bet money that guy wouldn’t have said that even two years ago; mostly because he would have been too busy demonizing the Bush Administration (the Government) for Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But that’s just a hunch.

  2. ROTFLMAO! The other noticeable difference is the TEA Party Movement is a grassroots movement while the Coffee Party (I wouldn’t call it a movement) is ASTROTURF!

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