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Unemployment now stands alone as the top issue in Gallup’s latest update on the most important problem facing the country. Thirty-one percent of Americans mention jobs or unemployment, significantly more than say the economy in general (24%), healthcare (20%), or dissatisfaction with government (10%).

Via Hot Air.  If you’re wondering why the current ruling party is so determined to immolate its reputation, popular support, and future ability to pursue its policy goals on a Quixotic quest that the voting public doesn’t even support… well, it’s because the Democratic party at this point doesn’t know what else to do.  They’ve told themselves so many times that they are the champions of the public good – and that members of the opposing party are agents of Satan – that they are incapable of really understanding that a majority of the population would rather see some – any! – movement on jobs and the economy.  The Democratic leadership truly believe that their map has become the territory.  The Democratic rank-and-file (especially the ones in at-risk districts, which I am defining as “D+4 and better” these days) are not as subject to that particular delusion; which is why the head of the DCCC is telling them to shut up and hide until the vote is over.  Mind you, that’s to protect the leadership from the consequences of a no vote, not to protect the rank-and-file from the consequences of a yes vote.

Nothing will protect the rank-and-file from the consequences of a yes vote.

Moe Lane

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    1. CD: It’s a reference to the Cook Political Report Partisan Voting Index. It’s more or less a comparison of how individual CDs voted in the last two Presidential elections, compared to national averages. Suffice it to say that D+4 and above being at risk would not be a good place for the Democrats to be.

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