John Boccieri: confirmed not-yet-decided on health care.

(I actually wrote this at around 2 PM.  I don’t know why it didn’t load then.)
I just got off the phone with someone from John Boccieri’s (D, OH-16) office. Rep. Boccieri, you might remember, was one of the four Congressmen that Rep. Clyburn suggested were possible ‘yes’ votes on the health care bill, and who were later rumored to have switched their votes. I’m informed of the following:

  • Rep. Boccieri has not made a final decision;
  • His office has gotten a considerable increase in phone calls on this issue, both in-district and out of district;
  • I was told that the in-district calls have been somewhat more supportive of the health care bill, and that reform in general was a constant theme*;
  • And that Rep Boccieri has been available to people wishing to discuss their concerns with health care.

This, of course, can change – but that’s the state of the situation as of about fifteen minutes ago.

Moe Lane

I should note, by the way, that the Congressman’s office was very civil and accessible to an openly conservative Republican blogger asking for information. Mind you, that doesn’t always happen – but when it does, it certainly makes getting information easier.

*The trick is, of course, is in defining ‘reform.’