#rsrh Cynthia Yockey enmeshed further in the VRWC…

she did a call-in interview for the Rush Limbaugh show this morning (Mark Steyn guest-hosting: topic was gay conservative bloggers). Via Little Miss Attila.

I’m going to guess that there may have been just the faintest touch of surreality going on, there: speaking as a former Democrat I have to admit that having Rush merely mention one of my RedState pieces caused me to blink, the first time that it happened…

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Cynthia Yockey enmeshed further in the VRWC…”

  1. I’m not sure it was an interview, per se: she may have simply called in (the husband is in the shower, so I cannot get particulars from him now).

    But it’s kind of cool. Blogging has made a huge difference in the way I perceive that show: merely having my drinking buddies mentioned so much is . . . cool but odd.

  2. My friend, Mark Koenig, a gay conservative blogger at Newsreal called to let me know that Mark Steyn was inviting gay conservatives to call in. I called in and eventually got through. The call screener sounded astonished, but he confirmed that Mark Steyn had indeed asked gay conservatives to call in to discuss the alleged bigotry of the Tea Partiers, those racist, hatin’, homophobic haters. I said I’ve been treated very well on the Right.

    However, Steyn did put red meat on the table by leading in with the story of Michael Steele and $2,000 spent on a bondage club in Los Angeles by the RNC. I told him that I thought Michael Steele, of all people, should be sensitive about images of bondage and chains. And I wish I’d been alert enough to ask if he paid the tab with his MasterCard.

    Does this help my chances of promotion from “Reciprocal Link” to “Blogroll”?

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