Please upgrade Phil “I read the bill 3X” Hare’s (D, IL-17) status, Mr. Cook.

Because after this performance surely ‘Safe Democrat‘ is too generous. Phil Hare did everything wrong:

…from claiming that he didn’t worry about the Constitution, then proving it by mixing it up with the Declaration of Independence; to bragging that he read the bill three times, after falsely claiming that said bill protected uninsured children; to running away at the end, only to have to sit there embarrassingly because he had to make a left-hand turn out of the parking lot. Really: that last bit was what did it for me. Democrats tend to be much better at the panicked fleeing of inconvenient questions.

Moe Lane

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[UPDATE] In my haste to get this up I omitted mentioning Hare’s opponent: Bobby Schilling.

6 thoughts on “Please upgrade Phil “I read the bill 3X” Hare’s (D, IL-17) status, Mr. Cook.”

  1. If you look in the dictionary under “flop sweat”, there’s a frame from about 1:13 as the illustration.

  2. I was brought up in a family that taught me to HONOR the Constitution of the United States and I can recall my Father telling me to always uphold it. I can still hear and see him telling me to protect the 1st and 2nd amendments and to know that it all was to protect the Citizens.
    Today we have it being trampled and there are many of us who are NOT going to allow that to happen!
    It was designed to protect us from what we are experiencing in this great country of the U.S.A. right now!!
    Did this man take an oath on the United States Constitution when he was sworn in? Certainly should have been! Is Impeachment in order? Certainly a Traitor to the U.S.A!!! This Mr. Schilling is mentioned. I see him at Looks like he is doing a good job out there and we need to see he is supported with some chunks of change!!!!

  3. I suppose you mean “update” . . .

    I find it remarkable that Pelosi didn’t hold a mandatory caucus before the break, and remind her Members: “Look, you’ve been good soldiers for our cause. Don’t be foolish out there. Avoid unscripted contacts with constituents, and never take questions from the public. Go to ribbon-cuttings, present awards to high school students, be as visible as possible in noncontroversial photo ops, but do not fall into the trap of answering questions. Confine yourself to two words at each appearance, and be sure to save one of them for ‘goodbye.’ Got it?”

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