Phil Hare (D, IL-17) does not know the first Rule of Holes.

[UPDATE] This is the guy who shot the original video, apparently. It never hurts to put your contact info in the end credits…

Think of this as a teachable moment, Congressman Hare.

Background here: and check Hot Air for more.

Moe Lane

PS: He read the bill, mind you. Three times.

PPS: Bobby Schilling for Congress.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Hare (D, IL-17) does not know the first Rule of Holes.”

  1. States and counties with strong political machines, Republican or Democrat though mostly the latter, tend to send people who have “paid their dues” to Congress instead of people who actually have the ability and guile to get there through their own efforts. Phil Hare looks like a typical, clueless, fat bastard machine hack. Who’s running against him?

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