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You just can’t trust some people.

Moonbattery has the juiciest details if you don’t feel like giving FrumForum traffic; suffice it to say that the Democrats have been using their money for some verrrrrrrry interesting things.  Six grand on go-go bar visits, thirty-seven grand for having a celebrity chef on-call, three hundred grand on top-flight hotels, and… well, let me quote:

Put perhaps the most questionable expense was the DNC’s use of the trappings of the White House for partisan purposes: $232,436.81 spent on White House helicopters and White House In-flight Services since August of last year.

Which leads to some questions:

  • Is all of this expected behavior for a national political party? The helicopter rides need to be checked out* before I say ‘Yes,’ but nice hotels and celebrity chefs and, yes, strippers are all part of the background at this level.
  • Is the GOP somehow more hypocritical for availing themselves of comparable services? I don’t know: how many soup kitchen meals could have been funded by the Democrats’ celebrity chef budget?  And what does doing business at a strip club say about the national Democratic party’s attitudes towards women?  See how that works?  It’s always different when it’s your stated ideals that are being… challenged by your actual behavior.
  • Will certain people now loudly yelling about the RNC (on either side) change their tune? Don’t be absurd.  The ones on the Right have no emotional attachment to any particular excuse for piously not involving themselves in practical politics; and the ones on the Left have no emotional attachment to the poor.  I have hopes that individuals in either group (here and there) will reconsider their rhetoric, but that’s only because I’m a raging optimist.
  • Did you make up the name ‘Wolfgang Puck?’ I swear that I did not.

Moe Lane

*The problem there is that DNC = Organizing for America = Obama administration; navigating the interlocking oversights, permissions, and restrictions there without breaking the law requires, as they say, a very steady hand. Since we’re talking about a White House that doesn’t even spell-check its own diplomatic documents