#rsrh Ben Domenech freaks out the White House.

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Having reviewed the completely voluntary decision of the White House to freak out over Ben Domenech’s mention in passing of now-probable USSC nominee Elena Kagan’s rumored sexuality – and before anybody freaks out in their turn, note this passage, please:

…as the reaction from Julian Sanchez and Matt Yglesias shows, I was not alone in that apparently inaccurate belief.

…one wonders what all the fuss was about.  After all, Ben, Sanchez, Yglesias, Glenn freaking Greenwald – and for that matter, myself – are all more or less in agreement that a strong reaction to this is at least a bit odd.  In a world where Senators Cornyn & Sessions can both readily and for the record state that sexual orientation is not a barrier for a Supreme Court spot, why would the White House jump on this issue with both feet?  And why did they, by the way, do so in a manner that explicitly and authoritatively denies that Ms. Kagan is gay?  It’s a mystery…

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Ah.  Yes.


Never mind…

Moe Lane

PS: Amusing that Ben was able to place something over at HuffPo, no? I can think of about a dozen people on the Left who are grinding the hell out of their teeth right now because of that.

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  1. I don’t know a lot of gay people. The ones I do know I only suspect of being gay. That is because I was in the military for 28 years so the people I suspected were gay were unable to reveal this openly. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass who you marry or sleep with as long as it’s not a child. Back to my point. Most of those I know are conservative leaning people, and in casual discussions with many of my compatriots I sense that most don’t really care if a person is gay or not, as long as they do their job. I think they also realize that the caricatures given to us regarding gays at rallies and parades don’t represent those people who they know or believe to be gay. I think these parades and rallies do more to hurt the gay rights movement than help as their opponents point and say “see, how nutty they are?” All that being said, I think the cause of equal recognition for same sex relationships is a just cause. The problem I have is aligning myself with the party that supposedly supports this cause (Democrats). If you’re trying to convince me that you’re just like everyone else and just want to have a loving relationship with the person of your choosing stop blowing people in the streets of San Francisco, stop raiding churches, and stop supporting so called progressives. As you can see, most people support domestic partnerships in the least, and that’s more due to people like Ellen Degeneres, George Takei, and people who we meet in our day to day lives than the goofballs who act out at the gay pride events.

    1. For my part, I don’t care if a Supreme is into guys or girls, just as long as he or she’s into the Constitution more. 10th Amendment fetish optional, but sexy.

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