This is not actually cognitive dissonance.

‘This’ being this picture (H/T Hot Air):

In order it to be cognitive dissonance, the people involved would have to have an internal conflict about the idea that they were simultaneously: declaring their area to be ‘hate’-free; and wishing for a woman’s death. Given recent history, it is too charitable to suggest that any of them have managed to have gotten so far as to think about the contradiction.

Moe Lane

PS: They hate you, too. I don’t recommend hating them back – it’s bad for your mental and spiritual development – but neither do I recommend trusting any of them with anything that you’d rather not lose.

Yes, that’s kind of depressing. Sorry?

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2 thoughts on “This is not actually cognitive dissonance.”

  1. Nah, I hate them back, my mental development is A-OK and my spiritual development may be down the tubes, but it ain’t because I hate this lot.

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